Position: Student Project
School: Universitat International de Catalunya
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Studio: Karl S. Chu
Date: 2011

Cosmospiral is the library of the universe. It contains all information, all the secrets, which are spread, hidden, even buried in the environment the library creates. All these secrets are connected and interwoven. There is more than one path that will guide someone on his or her quest to learn, discover, and know. The paths are long, so long that they seem endless. They constantly fork, turn and dive, leading to clear or crooked lanes, they guide every man who enters the space. At the same time, he can feel disoriented, not knowing the way, or even just how to orient himself anymore.

All along the paths, there are successions of rooms, varying in shape, size, materiality, openings, and lighting, going from darkness to brightness. Every room is depending on the preceding one, marking a strict distinction some times, or progressive evolution. These pieces distributed along the paths hide wonders, some discover them, others just pass by without even knowing how to apprehend them.

The library is extremely logical, it hides its own information. Everything can be read through its genes and their combination, however, for an unexpert eye, Cosmospiral would look as confusing as a labyrinth. You just have to have to instructions, the map leading to the right places. However, when someone becomes lost, that is when the library reveals its most unexpected places containing the most advanced knowledge, the most incredible and fascinating discoveries. But be careful dreamer! The spiral is as much evil as perfect, once in it, it can retain you with its charm. It represents all your dreams, all your fantasies, like your worst nightmares.