Position: Lead Designer
Firm: WVA Architects - CN
Date: 2013
Type: Schematic Design
Location: Beijing, China
Size: 80 000 sqm | 860 000 sqft

Located south of Beijing Ditan Park’s west gate, the old Sanli building was demolished years ago. The design is thought as a dialogue between the buildings massing and facade with the traditional entrance space of Ditan Park, which is a traditional architecture space in the city.

The facade design refers therefore to the analysis of Ditan Park’s composition where its asymmetrical layout is intended to avoid confusion with royal places using symmetrical plan organization. “Smooth” and “balanced” are the main space features of Ditan Park. Using the park structure as a guideline for the massing of the building, a sun study has given the line for the facade. A variation of five frit glass panels is placed depending on the sunshine.

Sanli Façade Design