Position: Lead Designer
Firm: WVA Architects - CN
Location: Zhuhai, China
Date: 2014
Type: Competition - 3d Prize
Size: 2 400 sqm | 25 800 sqft

The Peak of Gathering Sceneries was conceptualized as a three-dimensional flow in which three bodies were woven together to create the tower. The metaphor of the three roads and the three rivers are shaped into a mountain that refers to the Jianfeng Mountain across the river. Among two of the elements are bridges that connect a smaller island designated as part of the park and the other one linking the other side, allowing a continuous promenade along the river.

The building’s bottom three levels house tourist and retail units, while the tower hosts a series of viewing platforms which look unto the river, mountains, and roads. The vertical landscape created on the platforms refers to a re-interpretation of the Chinese Mountain and Water Painting, creating a unique experience of Chinese traditional pagoda behind a parametrically patterned façade of an abstract Mountain and Water theme perforated metal screen.

Observation Tower