Position: Project Architect - Team Leader
Firm: WVA Architects - CN
Location: Beijing, China
Date: 2013
Status: Under construction
Size: 9 900 sqm | 107 000 sqft

With the completion of the Taikooli pedestrian shopping street designed by Kengo Kuma, Sanlitun’s neighborhood quickly upgraded, becoming the most popular commercial district in Beijing, and foreigners favorite place to live.

Built in 1995, Aide Apartment is one of the first service apartments in the core area of Sanlitun. Following the pace of the city changes, the owner decided to have the entire façade and the interior spaces redesigned.

WVA decided to enlarge the existing ventilation patio in between the structure, allowing natural light into the interior spaces. Enclosed by frosted glass bricks, the new patios light the original dark corridors and bathrooms while preserving privacy. The fixed furniture enclosing the structure and the single curved ceiling give a contemporary touch to the interiors. The stone façade gives the building its intended sober aspect while becoming a symbol of high-end service apartments in Sanlitun.

Service Apartment Refurbishment